Sunday, October 24, 2010


So I have alot of questions... Mainly this: Is trust just a five letter word or is it actually something that exists? Is it something some people aquire at a young age? or something that someone gives to you unknowingly over time? I think I aquired a curse to which I trust anyone I meet, even if they give me reason not to. Some may call this curse "foolishness" I call it an unknowing feeling that is also uncontrolled. I'm not finished yet.... This blog was written under the influence of alcohol btw.. Stay tuned followers.....

Sunday, June 20, 2010


So here I sit alone for once

First time i've been able in the past two months

Can't believe how many things have changed

Like the seasons, the wind, and the freezing rain

This silence screams an erie sound

I'm out to find myself but is anyone ever really found?

So here we are

Myself, these pills, and this emotional scar

I'll go on and keep being strong

Knowing one day i'll find someone

Someone that has a heart

And would die before they ever ripped mine apart

I know your out there, I know you want me

Maybe I should build a wall tall enough so no one can see

Isn't that the norm? Isn't that what people do?

Don't say you fell in love because that type of falling is easy not to do.......